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Tricks Buying First Pearls

First, you need to know the difference between natural and cultured or farmed pearls. Natural pearls are grown in the wild without any human interference while cultured pearls need humans to cultivate them. Natural pearls are extremely rare and much more expensive than their farmed cousins. Most pearls currently used in jewelry are cultured unless it explicitly states they are natural.

Six factors determine the value and price of pearl jewelry: size, luster, shape, color, surface, and match. The higher the quality of the pearls, the more valuable they are and, of course, the more expensive. If you need to decide whether to go for a higher quality or bigger sized pearls to fit in with your budget, go for higher quality.

Personal Style

It is important that you choose pearl jewelry that fits your personal style and suits your skin tone. Many women believe that your first pearls should be a classic white strand, which works for many women, but if that’s not your style, choose something you know you’re going to love wearing.

Where you want to wear the pearls- for work, formal events, or in a casual setting- will affect which kind of jewelry you choose.

The color you choose is a great way to show your personal style. Just remember that colors can limit the clothing choices. Classic, white pearls are versatile, can be dressed up or down, and can fit in with almost any outfit. Darker pearls such as black, silver, and chocolate can be exotic, bold, and dramatic. Softer colors like pink, peach, and lavender are fun, flirty and young – a perfect choice for spring and summer.

The shape you choose is also an important factor. There are many shapes available, ranging from perfectly round to drop, button, oval, and baroque pearls.

How to Care for Your Pearls

If you look after your pearls well, they can remain in good condition for a lifetime. Chemicals are not good for pearls and will eventually dull the pearls’ luster. Keep them away from perfume, makeup, and hairspray.

Wipe the pearls with a soft cloth after you wear them and store them separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching.

Tricks on Buying Your First Pearls

When choosing a retailer to buy from, keep these factors in mind:

The color of pearls may look different from a photo or inside a shop depending on the light. Choose a retailer with a return policy in place.

Select a retailer who specializes in pearl jewelry as other jewelers may not have the necessary knowledge to advise you.

Don’t pick pearl jewelry according to brands. High-quality pearls are available to retailers no matter their size. Branded jewelry may be more expensive just because of the brand name, not the quality.

Retailers who buy directly from the farmers can sell high-quality pearls at a much more affordable price.

Light Weight Necklace

A magnificent necklace is, thus, a part of the life of a lady, no matter from which age, cast or community group she belongs. This piece of jewelry has been in tradition since our ancestors and we, the Y-Gen ladies, have inherited it from our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers or someone else before her. But time has changed a lot and women no more stay only at home. The modern women manage household & office at the same time. Therefore, no matter, how much she loves to adorn necklaces, her daily activities won’t allow it. But when ‘there is a will, there is a way’. Keeping this problem in mind, many jewelers have started making light weight necklaces that are not only sassy but classy, without that extra weight.

These necklaces can be worn in office parties, casual ceremonies, festive occasions and in any anniversary. They will go perfectly with all kind of dresses whether it is traditional saree, classic salwar kameez or trendy Anarkali gown. The feature that makes it unique is its light weight for which it can be easily carried out whenever you want.

Modern jewelry designing houses strive to make necklaces that are worth wearing. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum can be used to manufacture them, but they go fit & perfect in gold. The light weight comes when the gold is purified and tactfully engraved in order to make magnificent designs. The necklaces are then sent for the hallmark authentication and after a few assessment, if they pass the tests, the hallmark is engraved on them.

All about Hypoallergenic Jewelry

This type of jewelry is made of surgical steel, ten to fourteen karat gold, or titanium. It may also be made of niobium. One of the advantages of wearing jewelry made of titanium or niobium is that neither have a reaction with the makeup of your skin. These metals are generally used as a coating on jewelry. They may also use platinum or pure copper that is free from nickel. Sometimes the jewelry is made of nickel allows. Another type of jewelry that is said to be hypoallergenic is jewelry made by using threads and beads.


The main benefit of wearing hypoallergenic jewelry is not waking up with an ugly rash the next day. Other benefits include:

• It is safe for prolonged wear with no reaction or skin rash
• You will never have to deal with a rash even if you develop an allergy to nickel later in life
• It does not compromise on the quality of its design since it is made from different types of materials


• Avoid wearing jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, etc at home to help ensure that your skin is not exposed to metals to frequently
• Do not buy oxidized or cheap jewelry
• When purchasing hypoallergenic jewelry make sure that you are getting an authentic deal and that it is marked hypoallergenic
• If you wear body jewelry, remember that it comes in contact with your body for a long period of time. If you are allergic to nickel, you could be putting yourself at risk for developing a serious infection so make sure that you look for jewelry that has the label of nickel-free or surgical to make sure that it is hypoallergenic.

Most people who have their ears pierced wear earrings continually so to avoid having sore earlobes or an infection in your piercing play it safe and wear hypoallergenic earrings. Hypoallergenic jewelry is more expensive but in the end, it is worth the expense to not have to worry about skin rashes and infections.

Leather Jewelry Boxes

These boxes have compartments to make it easy for you to organize your precious things and even have a handle in case you want to travel with the small box conveniently. The boxes are handcrafted using oiled leather of high quality to make them durable and strong. Some come fitted with hooks where you can have your necklaces hanging elegantly making your box look organized and pretty. Organizing your box makes it easy for you to reach to what you need and is an important part.
The leather boxes have a mirror fitted inside the top lid meaning you can wear what you want where you want so long as you have the box with you. You won’t necessarily need to have a dressing mirror with you to make your dressing up easy. Many are gold coated on the inside to give that extra glamour to your collection and have a key to keep them well locked away from envious friends and family.

The style and functionality of the leather boxes have made them popular and everybody is going for them. You will have everything you treasure secure and safe making you feel like a princess. In case you don’t find the leather boxes as delightful as you expected. There are various other types available and you can choose what you feel is best for you and your jewelry collection. However, it is important to take into consideration that leather is a high quality material. The boxes are fixed and finished in the most elegant of ways to make them as graceful as possible that you will be amazed at how glamorous you will feel when opening your box that is crafted with all skill.

Care For Pearls

1. Clean your pearl jewelry with a soft, damp cloth. The cloth should not be too wet. When you buy pearl jewelry, then there include a soft cloth with the jewelry which can use for cleaning purposes.

2. Keep your pearl jewelry in a separate pouch or box. A pearl’s surface is not very hard, so it’s easy to be damaged by other pieces of jewelry if you store them together. According to the Mohs hardness scale, pearls, or Calcite, are only on level 3, which is right between a fingernail and a copper penny. Diamonds are on level 10. Wrap pearls with a soft cloth and store separately.

3. Pearls are living organisms, so they need fresh air to breathe. Take them out of their storage space and wear at least once every season; otherwise, the color of the pearls will quickly start to change over time.

4. When dressing and undressing, put on your pearl jewelry last and take them off first. This will help them keep their luster. Cosmetics such as skin products, makeup, and perfume may have an erosive effect on pearls. Pearls can absorb these chemicals, so try not to let it get in contact with cosmetics.

Ring Metals

Rose gold

Rings in rose gold are made with 14k or 18k gold and given a pretty pink-tint. The extra pink tint is added by including copper alloy with the greater amount of copper resulting in a pinker hue. This makes it easy to customize the look to create the unique and feminine look.

White gold

While gold is similar to yellow gold and manufactured using 14k or 18k gold. The whiteness of the metal is achieved by including several alloys and coating the ring with a fine layer of white metal like rhodium. This rhodium isn’t the hardest wearing and has the potential to wear away over time. The use of white gold is great for those that want the platinum look, but at a much more affordable price.


Platinum makes a popular alternative metal to white gold. It is appreciated for providing a significantly more durable material, but it also costs more. This metal is rated at 95% hypoallergenic and pure and will not lose metal in the event of being scratched. It is easily cleaned or buffed to leave it looking like new. This metal can develop a satin sheen over time, which is removed by polishing or can be left in place.


Palladium is much like platinum and is hypoallergenic and won’t tarnish. However, it is a much more cost-effective option and the metal appears a darker shade of gray. The cost of rings in palladium is quite similar to white gold.

Buy Genuine Sapphires Jewelry

Sapphires are hard stones. They are next in hardness to diamonds. Thus, they are prized for their toughness. Being quite solid, they require little care or exceptional consideration from the wearer. Tough and hearty, sapphire jewelry gives a lifetime of awesome quality.

Sapphire is the next hardest precious stone after the diamond, and it is additionally a standout amongst the most costly diamonds. At the point when buying sapphire, you ought to know how to assess the nature of the stone to guarantee that you get the top quality your money can purchase. You ought to likewise shop smart by knowing where and how to shop to abstain from getting ripped off.

Identify what tone of blue you wish for. Sapphires come in blues, with lightest being Sweden princess blue and the darkest being naval or dark. The most prized color is royal blue, which is amidst the scale. As the most prized, be that as it may, it is likewise the most costly. Camelot and commodore blue, which are one shade lighter and darker, individually, are comparable in tint however marginally more affordable.

Gaze at the lucidity/ Transparency of the stone. Transparency is regularly ignored when purchasing sapphires, yet the more Transparent a stone is; the more splendid it will look. Transparent stones can likewise be costly; however, Completely Transparent and semi- Transparent stones permit the most light to go through. Translucent sapphires permit light to go through, however obscure objects, making it a decent tradeoff between transparency quality and spending plan. Semi-opaque and opaque stones permit almost no light to go through.

Don’t be terrified of picking out a treated sapphire. Most sapphires are heat treated. Diamond setters heat sapphires in a broiler under high temperatures for a few hours, in this manner improving the color of the stones. Untreated stones that are free of considerations and have unrivaled color are uncommon and costly, but since heat treatment is so ordinary, a warmth treated sapphire can at present be important.

Set a budget Plan. Know the amount you can stand to spend before experiencing passionate feelings for a sapphire out of your price range. Sapphires can go from $40 per karat to more than $11,000 per karat, with the most costly sapphire sold on record costing $136,000 per karat. The cost of a sapphire is resolved generally by quality, and a huge, low-quality sapphire can be a great deal less expensive than a little yet fantastic sapphire. For sapphires, color is top dog. The Cut has the greatest effect on a stone’s splendor (the amount of light that comes to the eye). Transparency and clarity are likewise critical in deciding worth.

Be conscious of potential fakes.Less trustworthy dealers may attempt to offer ignorant buyers a less expensive stone that looks like sapphire rather than a sapphire. Tanzanite, blue spinel, and blue tourmaline are among the stones that some may attempt to offer as being genuine sapphires.

Stainless Steel Necklaces

Versatility: People go after jewelry for various reasons. Some buy it to look good in public, others want a refined look, while others simply want to look beautiful. Stainless steel jewelry fulfills each and every of these wishes. Like indicated earlier, it is also quite cheap making it affordable and meaning that one can buy different designs for different occasions.

Durability: since stainless steel is a hard alloy, it makes it more durable in comparison to other materials such as gold and silver. Since jewelry such as rings gets used on a daily basis, they are subject to wear and tear. Nonetheless, stainless steel holds up quite well to this kind of wear and tear. Thus, you can have your stainless steel jewelry for longer and save up money, which could have been otherwise spent on replacing worn out jewelry. Since it is affordable, and you probably have several pieces; that reduces the wear and tear too.

Good material: as the name suggests, steel is stainless. Other materials such silver get stained easily. That means your gold or silver jewelry will lose its striking look after some time. As for jewelry made from steel, it hardly needs any maintenance. The absence of carbon, not to forget the thin film of chromium oxide forms an actual blockade to corrosion. Consequently, the inner part of the metal gets protected to the maximum ensuring long life. The material is so good looking, very few would point out the difference between silver and stainless steel jewelry. The polished look makes it attractive, and that perhaps is the reason why it is sought after by most people nowadays. Surprisingly, most people would hardly differentiate between well-finished stainless steel jewelry and that made from silver.

Tissot Waterproof Watches

Seastar 1000 T066.407.11.047.00 – the sparkling star of the sea:
The design of the model mirrors the vast blue sea through its architecture that is decked with extraordinary features. The simple yet stunning model is decked with a blue dial that is embossed in a 42mm stainless steel case. The polished blue bezel encloses the dial in a splendid way. Silvery hands and indexes give this model an iconic touch of the brand. One thing that makes this model even more desiring is its 300 meter water-resistant capacity that lets you discover the underworld adventure

Racing Touch T002.520.17.051.01 – the winning spirit of the journey:
Clad in an adventuring spirit, the timepiece rounds the wrists of men who beat the limit to explore new things. The daring black colored dial gets an eye-catching touch with red hands and indexes. The dial is rounded with a silver bezel that is embossed with minute markers. The appearance of the model is finished with an orange silicon strap that circles the wrists of men in a handsome way. What makes the timepiece synonymous with the brand’s excellence is 300 meter water-resistant capacity.

PRC 200 T055.417.16.017.01 – Proclaims the beginning of a new Era
Designed with a rare fusion of sporty gesture and classical appearance, the timepiece embraces men’s wrists in a glorified way. It widens the journey of its PRS 200 Watch collection through its regal features and advanced mechanics. The white colored dial gets a balancing touch with its three sub dials and the dial is mounted on a 41mm stainless steel case. The appearance of the timepiece is appreciated with a brown leather strap. The feature that takes watch-lovers by surprise is its 200 meters water-resistant capacity.

Show Off Style Without Breaking Budget

In cases of some small businesses, the bracelets offer a simple look with earthy or light-colored beads, which pair with simple and stately charms to finish the look in a way that speaks to your unique side. The best part of shopping from a small business is that you are getting handcrafted work, not something shipped in from a foreign country that is poor quality and not to be trusted to last.

Not a fan of bracelets? That is OK, women’s fashion necklaces can be a great way to spruce up an outfit as well. These pieces can be simple chains with a stately and straightforward pendent, or they can be chokers with velvet and a charm to highlight your throat. Certain designs speak to the simple and cheerful aspects of life, with whimsical charms like a buddha head or a feather to help people understand your perspectives and humorous take on life without you saying a word. The pieces also include faux gems, lucky charms and even a pineapple, ensuring that there is something to appeal to anyone in a line of jewelry creations.

Finding a great jewelry creator who happens to have their own online store and offers jewelry that really sparks your interest can be a challenge. Therefore, when you find one you love, don’t forget to bookmark the site and visit often to see what new work that artisan is creating at any given time. Treat yourself to a new piece that speaks to you. It won’t empty your wallet and it won’t leave you wishing you had a new bracelet or necklace. Instead, it will fit exactly what you are looking for right now.